Dr. Ghaith Hameed is a highly skilled professional with a broad range of expertise in team management, public relations, leadership, and communication skills.

He has 14 years of experience in training, coaching, program management, and monitoring and evaluation of civil society in Iraq, as well as 8 years of experience in organizational development and capacity building. Dr. Hameed is also a skilled trainer and facilitator, with experience working with the International Organization for Migration on national
strategies for preventing violent extremism. He has conducted and analyzed 20 research studies in the fields of peacebuilding, women’s protection, democracy, and countering violent extremism.

He has published two medical research studies.

Dr. Hameed holds a MBChB in Medicine from Al-Nahrain
University, an MRCP 2 from the Royal College of Physicians, and a Master Coaching Certificate from the Mynditude Company for Coaching.