The Iraq Foundation, incorporated as the Free Iraq Foundation, is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. The Foundation was established by Iraqis in 1991 as an independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-ethnic organization. Our mission is to promote democracy, human rights, and civil society in Iraq, and help Iraq in contributing to regional stability.

From 1991-2003, IF worked with the Iraqi expatriate community and the Iraqi Kurdish population in northern Iraq. Our projects included work with Iraqi refugees, publications, seminars and workshops, research and documentation, civil society strengthening and human rights advocacy. In June 2003, the Foundation opened its office in Baghdad, Iraq and has transferred most of its activities and projects to Iraq.

We work largely with Iraqi NGOs and cooperate with relevant government institutions. To achieve our goals, we utilize a variety of tools such as training workshops, conferences, publications, and radio and TV programs. We aim to be inclusive of all regions in Iraq.

Projects and Activities

To meet these goals and realize our mission statement, the Foundation implements projects in Iraq that promote our vision. In addition to our humanitarian efforts, the Iraq Foundation conducts various projects, which focus on human rights, civil society, and democracy building. Visit Projects.