Dr. Wael Munther

Legal expert

Dr. Munther authored many books: Legal framework for procedures prior to parliamentary elections (comparative study), Judicial protection of the right to vote and nomination, Human rights research, Principles of Human Rights, Constitutional investigations, Weak role of the House of Representatives in the financial and economic fields, Oversight of the constitutionality of international treaties, Strengthening the role of women members of the House of Representatives in parliamentary work, Review and audit / Book of the electoral system in Iraq and its impact on women’s political participation.
Dr. Munther published numerous researches: Arab constitutions’ position on environmental protection, Dismissal of ministers, Constitutional regulation of the right to information, Constitutional protection of the right to education, the constitutional basis for requiring the administration to be transparent, Symptoms of party political activity in Iraq, The right to self-determination between international conventions and constitutional texts, etc.
Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Legal Studies issued by the

Iraqi House of Wisdom/ Cabinet., Assistant editor of business law magazine Algeria, member of the Advisory Experts Of the Ain Election Monitoring Network, member of the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Conference of the Iraqi Academics Union on Good Governance. Co-member of the Electoral Reform Initiative, to modify Iraq’s electoral system, Researcher in the Civil Space Monitor Project ( representing Iraq), within the Arab Network of Non-Governmental Organizations for Development (Lebanon)