Ms. Maysoon Al-Saedi

Former Member of the Iraqi Parliament (MP)

Ms. Al – Saadi, since her graduation in 1991, worked as an employee in different capacities and ministries in the Iraqi government. She worked in Kirkuk Retirement Department, Nineveh Trade Square, The General Company for Northern Oil in Kirkuk, and Diwaniyah water department.

During the period of 2014-2018, in the Iraqi Parliament, Ms. Al-Saedi worked as the Deputy of Session 4 (Saeroon), Chairwoman of the parliamentary Committee Women, Family and Childhood and a member of the parliamentary committee on agriculture, marshes and water.

Ms. Al-Saedi worked on many laws during her service in the Parliament, such as: Yazidi Survivors and other components, worked on a proposal submitted by the Parliamentary Legal Committee (amendment of Article 57) and try to change this amendment to serve the family as a whole, communication with the Department of Women’s Empowerment in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and with their offices in the provinces and the extent to which plan 1325 is implemented to empower

women economically, healthy, socially and politically and work on including a budget for gender and plan 1325.
Ms. Al Saedi is a member of the Leading Network of Arab Women Parliamentarians for Equality.