IF supported and implemented the pro-democracy Iraq Pledge Campaign to institutionalize the goals of Iraq’s Pledge across the social and political spectrum. The Foundation monitors parliamentary legislation and debates that affect the legislative demands of Iraq’s Pledge. The Foundation also monitored press coverage of the Iraq Pledge Campaign and issues that impact its legislative demands.
Pledge for Iraq (PFI) Campaign

The Iraq Foundation in partnership with the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) worked to implement and support the legislative agenda of the Pledge for Iraq Campaign (PFI), and to institutionalize the goals of Pledge for Iraq across the social and political spectrum.

Pledge for Iraq’s platform is committed to the following five laws:

  1. A law to secure freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly
  2. A law to preserve the existence of civil courts for matters of personal status (such as marriage and divorce) as an alternative to religious courts
  3. A law to ensure the independence of Iraq’s Supreme Court by requiring that all judges have a high degree in law and experience as practicing judges
  4. A law to strengthen the High Commission for Human Rights by enabling it to refer cases to the Supreme Court for review
  5. A law to enable the High Commission for Human Rights to enforce the right of equal opportunity for all Iraqis

The Iraq Foundation formed a watchdog group to monitor parliamentary legislation as far as they concern the five laws identified by Pledge for Iraq; to monitor debates in parliament affecting the five laws; to monitor voting and track the statements and positions made by parliamentarians; and develop and suggest strategies to the board members of the Pledge for Iraq Campaign and how to hold government and individual legislators accountable for their pledge.

One of the Iraq Foundation’s tasks was to monitor the press coverage of the Pledge for Iraq Campaign and parliamentary actions that affect the legislative agenda.

The Iraq Foundation established a work relationship with the Ministry for Women’s Affairs and the Commission of Human Rights and other executive branch institutions that have a stake in the legislative agenda.

Part of its duties, the Iraq Foundation trained NGO representatives from 14 governorates to conduct watchdog activities as related to Iraq Pledge’s campaign in their respective governorates. IF efforts focused on training trainers from these NGOs on monitoring and reporting activities, and strategies and tools on how to effectively monitor the campaign in their respective governorates.

The Foundation closely supported the efforts of Pledge for Iraq both in Iraq and the United States since the project’s inception in July 2005. The Foundation team in Washington DC actively publicized the movement’s goals and mission while IF’s Staff in Iraq conducted outreach activities and attract new supporters and signatories to the pledge.