Promotion of women’s participation in all facets of public life in Iraq
Iraq Civil Society Program

The Iraq Foundation (IF) promoted an active and informed Iraqi civil society that effectively and responsibly participated in the country’s emerging democratic system of governance through a partnership with America’s Development Foundation (ADF) on the USAID-funded Iraq Civil Society Program (ICSP).

IF lead the Women’s Advocacy and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) component of the project, promoting women’s participation in all facets – political, social, and economic – of public life in Iraq.  Specific elements included:

  • Institutional capacity development of women’s CSOs through training, coalition-building, and ICSP resource-center staffing
  • Encouragement for the political and civic participation of women as campaigners, candidates, and voters through training and advocacy programs
  • Launch of information campaigns, through print and broadcast media as well as public dialogues, to strengthen citizen awareness on gender issues including women’s constitutional, legal, and educational rights, political and civic participation, domestic violence, and discrimination in the workplace