From December 2009 – December 2013, IF carried out PEDP to meet the need for good governance in Iraq during the period following the elections for a new Council of Representatives
Post Election Democracy Promotion (PEDP) Project


The Iraq Foundation (IF) would like to congratulate Ms. Rola Dashti on her recent ministerial appointments in the new Kuwaiti Cabinet. Ms. Dashti will now serve as the Minister of State for Planning and Development and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs. Ms. Dashti is the only woman and a newcomer in this Cabinet. We wish her all the success in her new positions. Ms. Dashti, a former member of the Kuwaiti Parliament, participated in IF’s Regional Meeting of regional women members of parliament, held in Amman, Jordan in June of this year as an international expert


The Iraq Foundation was awarded a grant from the US Department for State Democracy Human Rights, and Labor office to implement a three year project to meet the need for good governance in Iraq during the period following the elections for a new Council of Representatives in 2009.

The programs in the project sought to improve capacity and performance of parliamentarians in the new CoR, raise the responsiveness and accountability of the government by empowering civil society, and expand civic awareness and participation in the democratic process, especially among youth.

“This workshop demolished concrete walls between parliamentarians and made us  work as one unified group. It also provided answers to most of my questions and  will make me more efficient in my work as a parliamentarian.”

                                                                                                                 – Huda Sejjad, Dawlat al-Qanun Coalition

The Iraq Foundation worked with a consortium to achieve the following objectives:

(1) To strengthen the national parliament and its credibility in resolving disputes, especially by building the capacity of incoming women parliamentarians. Activities included training new women parliamentarians in legislative skills, negotiation skills, issues-based alliances, constituency relationships, outreach and advocacy, facilitating exchanges with regional women parliamentarians, peer networking, and reporting on experiences of women in CoR. The Iraq Foundation worked with The Woodrow Wilson International Center to achieve this objective.

In collaboration with Freedom House, objective (2) improved government accountability by empowering civil society to act as monitors of government performance. Activities (in conjunction with Freedom House) included training civic leaders as a watchdog group on methodologies and techniques for monitoring and reporting on good governance, government policies, and the state of freedoms; publication of reports on governance, meetings with government officials, and television talk shows.

Objective (3) focused on developing Iraqi youth’s understanding of democratic processes, civic awareness, and means of peaceful resolution of differences. Activities included summer courses at the American University of Iraq-Suleimaniya, using eDemocracy materials developed by Freedom House, small grants for national reconciliation projects, internships with the watchdog groups, and awards for short videos on civic relations. The consortium of the Iraq Foundation, Freedom House, the Woodrow Wilson International Center, and American University in Iraq-Suleimaniya, combines outstanding expertise and capacity to develop and reinforce democratization in Iraq.

“Theater plays provide vision and sound that help students remember what they see and hear.
The play was fantastic. I urge the Iraq Foundation to repeat this experience in other schools as this play
had a great impact on the children, and changed students’ attitude.”

                                                               – Ms. Bushra Abdullah, art teacher in Al-Dhifar Elementary School

Our focus on new women parliamentarians will lead to improvement in the performance of the legislature, where many of Iraq’s disputes are debated or deadlocked. Providing tools and confidence to civic leaders to monitor, engage with, and report on the workings of the government according to internationally recognized standards will provide high motivation for state institutions to become more responsive and accountable. The youth program looks towards Iraq’s future leaders, inculcates democratic principles, and encourages national cohesion. The program also established a curriculum and an educational track record that will be offered to the AUI-S and other universities in Iraq.

Women Mediation in Iraqi Society Project

Oct. 13: 2nd session: Aswar Baghdad Org         Oct. 22: 4th session: Alfathael High school for girls

Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery Project – Baghdad University

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